Our mantra is Make it ‘til you Make it

Today’s audiences crave stories that inspire, inform and entertain. Video is the most consumed content on the planet, but also the hardest to get right. We can help. From creative to pre-production, production to post, Echelon Productions provides an end-to-end suite of video capabilities to help you create broadcast-quality, cinematic content to bring your brand to life—and compel audiences to keep watching!

As digital transformation continues to disrupt every aspect of human interaction—across business, technology, industry and culture—the world is getting smaller, yet simultaneously communities are fracturing, and individuals are growing much farther apart.

In this 21st century Screen Age, digital experiences (online, social media, gaming and other video platforms) are out-pacing physical realities and keeping consumers adrift in an endless sea of distraction.

The essence of community is shared experience. Narratives that showcase human beings being human by celebrating people, passion and purpose don’t just resonate—they create a real connection being storyteller and audience. This is the true value that wins fans… and fans build brands.

In 2014, Echelon Design took a big chance and invested time/resources to produce 12for12, a broadcast-quality unscripted episodic. The intention was not to create sales and marketing content, but to showcase the DNA of great brands. As a result, Echelon was awarded the 2016 Chicago International Film Festival award for best new series and is now widely streamed on Amazon Prime, YouTube and across social media.

More than that, however, by inviting cool companies to be featured on 12for12, Echelon offered free and compelling third-party marketing, while simultaneously demonstrating its range of capabilities to featured brands. Not only did Echelon get access to incredible stories, in many cases, the featured companies became clients. Echelon was also able to show (not sell) their other prospects and clients a working proof-of-concept of docu-style narratives (with marquis brands), as well as how and why they work. In addition, 12for12 is now available for viewing on Facebook, YouTube as well as Amazon Prime.


This is the essential digital business card for your brand. It should summarize what you do and how you differentiate. Your sizzle should be a short, concise and compelling showcase of your people and culture, products and process, and the passion that goes into everything you do. These videos are also great vehicles to broadcast news, events or new product launches.


There’s a good reason Yelp exists. According to 89% of B2B marketers, customer testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing strategy. A testimonial from a satisfied customer is better than a sales pitch—it’s a form of social proof that can increase conversion rates by as much as 15%.




Storytelling elicits real emotion and allows your audience to share in the experience. By creating unscripted, micro-documentaries that profile your company, points-of-view, industry issues, etc., you can engage your audience in an authentic experience with your brand. This is a great way to create episodic content conducted by an SME, an agnostic third-party, on-camera host or off-camera producer. Part information, part passion and so much fun.


Traditional scripted brand or product commercials are proven pathways to generating awareness, traffic and ROI. We collaborate with our clients throughout the entire process: from ideation, scripting and casting, to shooting on-set or on-location, to post-production delivery in the highest quality professional formats.


Without strong value propositions your products won’t sell. These videos highlight your products, solutions and offering—how they work, add value and outshine the competition. From proprietary processes, to technical product specs, to go-to-market messaging, these videos are like sales brochures… but actually fun to watch.


Every successful company has a culture that supports its success. Ping pong tournaments, office antics, team building events and mascot dogs are great facets of your brand. Showing that your team is fast, fun and easy to work with gives prospects more reason to hire you.


User-generated content is booming and there’s no easier way for brands, organizations, institutions, individuals, and entrepreneurs to tell their stories than with podcasts. Our team can help you produce amazing podcast content with the right production, post, training and guidance to ensure you sound amazing.


Video is a dynamic medium for training. Employee training videos are an engaging way to educate your team. But creating dynamic training videos isn’t easy. It’s internal marketing requiring as much information and process, as storytelling and entertainment.

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